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Tax has an effect on every single one of us. Knowing what to pay and when, is not always as straight forward as you think. CWP are here to make sure that you fully understand all the aspects that are involved in tax and help you through the entire process.


Our team have been working with taxation authorities for many years and have developed strong and fruitful relationships over the decades. When you work alongside CWP, we can give you all the tax advice you might need when it comes to your tax requirements.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner or a larger business, tax returns are overwhelmingly time-consuming, complicated and easy to make mistakes on. To avoid incurring additional fees and costs, our tax advice is incomparable, as we are able to quickly provide you with the best results. / We are able to quickly provide you with the best results using our incomparable tax advice, thus helping you to avoid incurring additional fees and costs.

When partnering with CWP for tax advice, you have assurance that your tax affairs will be dealt with proficiently and are fully compliant with the constantly evolving tax legislation. As new regulations are made and legislation is modernised, we will ensure you’re always updated and aware of precisely what your business owes in tax.

Tax advice you can rely on

24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can talk to our professional team who will do their best to answer any queries you might have. We pride ourselves on always offering practical advice that makes a difference to you – guaranteeing a great result and maximising your take-home figures.

We want to be sure you’re always making informed and effective decisions, taking the stress out of tax planning and acting as a partner in all the tax decisions you make. Whether it’s an end of year tax return or query about rebates, speak to our friendly team for the very best advice surrounding taxation, VAT and self-assessments.

If you would like to discuss tax advice with our knowledgeable team, please contact us on 0161 6600 600 or Alternatively, complete the short form below and we will call you back.

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Regulatory compliance and development

In partnership with our associated consultant we provide regulatory advice and guidance on a broad range of issues including arrangements under LASPO, complaints management, risk management and care and conduct procedures, COLP and COFA obligations and other matters under the Code.

We assist on applications for the Law Society's Lexcel Practice Management Standards and provide all necessary documentation. We can provide advice and guidance with regard to SRA checks and enquiries, investigations and reports, and proceedings before the SDT.

Provision of payroll services

Preparation and submission of annual accounts

Preparation and submission of personal tax returns

Dividend calculations

VAT registration, completion and returns

Incorporation services